About Us

Mel and Kristy: helping Nelson’s families.

Our Mission:To support families with the necessities, so children can reach their full potential.

What we do

We organise donations of clothing, bedding and household goods for those in need.

How we work

We collect and redistribute items where they’ll most be needed: with children and their caregivers.

Working directly with the people who need us, and partnering with local social service organisations means our efforts are focussed on where they’ll be most helpful.

We are currently supporting families in the Nelson/Tasman Bay area.

We’re growing

In size, and in scope, we’re expanding week by week. What began as a lounge room piled with clothing has become three shipping containers, more volunteers, and new ambitions. As well as clothing families and helping with essentials, we’re helping people in other ways, too: helping people get back to work, filling cupboards and addressing period poverty. We’d love to hear from individuals and organisations with similar goals and values. Let’s work together.

We’re a registered charity.Our registration number is CC55968.